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Raves (pretty much) for Scrappy and Scrappyland:

"America's favorite forgotten cartoon star...[a] spectacular homage site."

"Totally fantastic. Cool, cool, cool."

"Jeepers...the ungodly love-child of Mickey Mouse and Astroboy."

"...This is a part of your knowledge bank that needs to be filled."

"I thought at first that it was a hoax...
but I'm pretty sure it's legit. Either way, I love the design.."

Scrappy's Movie Theatre Box
Here we have the box to Scrappy's Movie Theatre, a toy that came with watercolors and three large scroll-like Scrappy stories (by "Dick Heumor") that lucky owners could paint, then thread through the "theatre" to put on shows for their friends.

Back in the thirties, everyone carried hankerchiefs--and Scrappy fans could choose to carry one emblazoned with pictures of Scrappy, Margy, and Yippy.

A Scrappy Hankerchief

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