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Raves (pretty much) for Scrappy and Scrappyland:

"America's favorite forgotten cartoon star...[a] spectacular homage site."

"Totally fantastic. Cool, cool, cool."

"Jeepers...the ungodly love-child of Mickey Mouse and Astroboy."

"...This is a part of your knowledge bank that needs to be filled."

"I thought at first that it was a hoax...
but I'm pretty sure it's legit. Either way, I love the design.."

Okay, you asked for it--here's the cover of the puppet theater itself. You got five fold-them-yourself puppets--Scrappy, Margy, Yippy, Oopy, and a puppet of Scrappy fighting what is charmingly called a "Chinaman," plus a theater, tickets, and money.
You also got a "playlet," which read as follows:

Scrappy's Latest Play
"Are We Happy"

Scrappy: "Believe it or not, Margy, I've just saved a little boy's life."

Margy: "Gosh, Scrappy, you're a regular hero."

Scrappy: "Oh, I wouldn't say that, Margy."

Margy: "But whose life did you save?"

Scrappy: "It was Oopy's life I saved."

Margy: "Oopy! What was he doing that his life was in danger?"

Scrappy: "He was eating ginger bread cookies."

Margy: "But Scrappy that's not dangerous."

Scrappy: "Maybe it is and maybe it isn't, Margy. Anyhow, I heard mother tell him that if he ate another cookie, he would turn into a ginger bread man himself."

Margy: "What did you do then, Scrappy?"

Scrappy: "Well, Margy, I didn't want to see Oopy turn into a ginger bread man so I ate the rest of his cookies and saved his life."

Margy: "Scrappy, I think you're a big spoofer. I was so happy to hear about your brave deed--now I'm mad. GOOD NIGHT!"

Strangely, this little drama doesn't actually seem to include parts for Oopy, Yippy, or the Chinaman. On the other hand, the instructions note that "you can also write your own plays--it's loads of fun." And the fact that this is identified as Scrappy's latest play suggests that there are others out there somewhere, waiting to be produced.

Here are the puppets and theatre themselves, fully assembled (from a 1936 publicity photo):

Finally. here's a Scrappy Puppet Theatre which was punched and assembled by the Scrappyland staff on August 3rd, 2005...looking remarkably similar to the one up above. For years, we considered the notion of putting one together to be heretical, but they seem to be plentiful--in fact, we had two (one which remains mint and unpunched) and another (the one we assembled) which was coming apart at the perforations. So we punched, assembled, and had a lot of fun, and we don't regret it.

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