The National Scrappy Gallery

Scrappy movie box

Here we have the box to Scrappy’s Movie Theatre, a toy that came with watercolors and three large scroll-like Scrappy stories (by “Dick Heumor”) that lucky owners could paint, then thread through the “theatre” to put on shows for their friends.

Back in the thirties, everyone carried hankerchiefs–and Scrappy fans could choose to carry one emblazoned with pictures of Scrappy, Margy, and Yippy.

Scrappy hanky

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  • Stooby Doo

    I have a handkerchief different than the one shown above. It shows “S.S. Scrappy” and I thought maybe it was produced to coincide with The Merry Mutineers but that appears not to be the case. How many Scrappy handkerchiefs were produced?

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