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Updated July 2012
The World Wide Web is not, alas, exactly a surging sea of Scrappyana. (And sad to say, some of the sites that existed when Scrappyland first appeared have since vanished.) Here are a few significant destinations which have come to our attention:’s Dick Huemer pages
An excellent site run by the family of Scrappy’s creator, with information and art.

And This Blog, For Inexplicable Reasons, Loves the Charles Mintz Studio
This 2016 essay by the patron saint of Scrappy research, Paul Etcheverry, is so ambitious it has a part two.

Whatcha Got
In October 2009, I earned my measure of fame as a Scrappyologist by guesting on Harry Rinker’s Whatcha Got, a radio show about collectibles. My segment begins at 28:00.

Ghosts of the Charles Mintz Studio
Joe Campana’s wonderful Animation–Who & Where blog pays a visit to the building that once housed the cartoon studio where Scrappy lived.

The Big Cartoon Database’s Scrappy pages
An attempt to compile a database of Scrappy film facts; unfortunately, it reads like it was put together by someone who hasn’t actually seen any Scrappy cartoons.

David Gerstein’s The Cartoon Pop Music Page
Scroll down for an amusing and perceptive analysis of the Scrappy cartoon Showing Off, and the chance to see a snippet of it in streaming video.

The UPA Legacy Project
All about the post-Scrappy world of Columbia animation.

Uncle John’s Crazy Town
A nifty old-cartoon blog which has covered Scrappy repeatedly

Eisner/Iger au Francais
Comics historian Ken Quattro looks at a 1930s French publication which, among other things, featured Scrappy comics

And here are a few links to mentions of this very site:

Mark Evanier gives us a nice plug

So does Amid Amidi at Cartoon Brew

A MetaFilter discussion that has us blushing

Gena’s Out On the Stoop also likes us

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