Scrappy and His Amazing Puppet Theater

Columbia had a poster for movie houses, too–this glorious one-sheet (image courtesy of Keith Spurgeon). Apparently if you didn’t like Farina, you still had a shot at winning a puppet theatre:

Scrappy poster

The studio even released a short animation/live-action film, starring Scrappy and Columbia child star Edith Fellows, to fully explain the magnitude of its offer. (This movie has been preserved for future generations thanks to ASIFA-Hollywood’s Animation Preservation Project and a gift from Jerry Beck.)

Edith Fellows

One kids–and, presumably, their parents–rushed over to the breakfast-cereal section of their local grocer, they found the Scrappy Puppet Theatres stored inside a fancy display box, both sides of which featured snazzy Scrappy graphics and additional details on the premium and the wonders therein. (Images courtesy of Keith Spurgeon.)

Scrappy puppet box

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