All Hail Cora Sue Collins

Cora Sue Collins is something we don’t have enough of anymore: a bonafide 1930s movie star. She made dozens of movies with major performers of the era–oftentimes playing the same characters as them. In Queen Christina (1933), for instance, Garbo was Christina and Cora Sue was Christina as a child.

In 1936, Cora Sue was in The Devil’s Squadron for Columbia. Among her promotional duties was posing with Scrappy products in a number of photographs, such as this one…


In March of this year, TCM held an event in Los Angeles. At an unofficial get-together for attendees at the Roosevelt Hotel, Cora Sue spoke about her career in Hollywood. You can watch it here and read a nice write-up here.

The video is great entertainment. Cora Sue is a spunky, funny storyteller–and still very much recognizable as the little girl showing off Scrappy merchandise in 79-year-old photos.


Here’s to you, Cora Sue–you’re a lifetime member of Friends of Scrappy for sure.

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