More Kid Stars & Scrappy

More Kid Stars & Scrappy

August 2005
Okay, so maybe the Great Cora Sue Collins Mystery isn’t so much of a mystery after all. Columbia liked to promote Scrappy, and it liked to promote its child stars–and clearly, it liked to promote them together. And here are some more photos of young celebrities fawning over Scrappy-related products.

First,Cora Sue Collins returns to spend some quality time with Scrappy soap figurines (which we have in the Scrappyland collection) and a large Scrappy doll (which, you won’t be surprised to hear, we’d kill for). This photo–apparently from the same circa 1936 photo shoot as our other Cora Sue pictures–shows that the Scrappy soap figures were actually soap-colored, with a few painted frills–until now, we’d always assumed our figures had lost most of their coloring over the years. It turns out that they’re actually near-mint.

Cora Sue Collins and Scrappy

Here’s Edith Fellows, paintbrush in hand and ready to express herself via a Scrappy Painting Book. (This looks like another shot from the 1937 photo session which produced the photo of Edith in our Cora Sue story).

Edith Fellows

And finally, we present master Dickie Walters. He may have only made four movies (according to IMDB), but he sure looks swell in his Scrappy tie–“for he-boys!” This photo was apparently taken by William A. Fraker (father of the well-known cinematographer), and was approved by the Hayes Office on January 29th, 1935.

Dickie Walters

There are other Scrappy-Columbia kid star tie-in photos out there–maybe lots of them. Our research goes on…

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