Spoonin’ Scrappy

Scrappy ad

Here’s yet another inexplicable early Scrappy ad, from an August 1931 issue of The Film Daily. As you’ve no doubt already noticed, Scrappy is ladling delight moviegoers out of a bowl, whereupon they turn into coins. The idea is to depict the money-making power of Scrappy shorts, and once again, it seems almost certain that nobody at the Mintz studio was involved in this oddity. If nothing else, it presents a rare opportunity to see Scrappy wearing long pants.

The ad claims that Scrappy is the only human character now in cartoon movies. I don’t think that was true: Farmer Alfalfa was still a working cartoon character at the time, and Bosko had been around for a couple of years. And Van Beuren’s human Tom and Jerry were getting going at nearly the same time that Scrappy was. But Betty Boop was still a dog in 1931, and Popeye hadn’t yet shown up in animated form. Scrappy probably did stick out in an era that was utterly dominated by Mickey Mouse’s anthropomorphic influence — even though he had a Mickey-like black-button nose at first.

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