Scrappy and Eugene

You recognize the gentleman above, of course, as Eugene Talmadge (1884-1946), who was elected four times by the people of Georgia as their governor. (He only served three terms, though — he died before taking office a fourth time.)

When Talmadge was in his first term, he accepted a distinct honor which merits commemorating here. The Film Daily for August 14, 1934 reported it:

Yes, the governor of Georgia was also the one of the first two Scrappy Club members in the state. History, as far as I know, does not record whether the club counted any other governors among its members.

I'm old enough to remember Eugene Talmadge's son, Herman Talmadge, who served as Georgia's governor as well, and was later a senator from the state, famous for his staunch segregationist views. I sort of hope he wasn't a Scrappy fan.

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