Oh, Scrappy, You Card

Scrappy card
I don’t claim to be psychic. But then again, consider this evidence: Earlier this month, I flew to San Diego for Comic-Con and entered the cavernous, merchandise-packed convention center. And after just ten minutes of browsing, I’d found a new and unknown Scrappy item to add to Scrappyland’s archives.

By “new and unknown” I mean, of course, old and unknown. The lost treasure in question — which cost me a very reasonable $10 — is this valentine card, which depicts Margy brandishing a valentine given to her by Scrappy. Pull her bow up, and her eyes move and a new message is revealed: “To ‘Letter’ Know She’s a Swell Pal”

(Note that the artist, who I’m guessing worked for a card company rather than the Mintz studio, had to take artistic license to make the idea work. He’s replaced Margy’s pie-slice eyes with ones with brown pupils, irises, whites…the whole deal.)

The card makes no reference to Scrappy or Margy’s names, nor does it carry a Mintz or Columbia copyright. That might be evidence that the characters, back in the 1930s, were so famous that any kid would know them on sight. But your average 21st-century memorabilia seller has no idea who Scrappy is, which means that if there are more cards out there — and I’ll bet there are — they’re not going to be a cakewalk to track down.

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