Merry Christmas (Among Other Holidays) From Scrappy


Over at his wonderful Tralfaz blog, Don Yowp is celebrating Christmas cartoons. He didn’t forget Scrappy–whose 1934 short Holiday Land was the first Color Rhapsody cartoon and an Oscar nominee. (Note from the ad above that Columbia promoted it as a Thanksgiving release–but Santa is part of the festivities.)

This isn’t a great Scrappy cartoon–it’s more interested in being a lush, heartwarming pseudo-Silly Symphony extravaganza than a laugh riot–but is worth your time. You can watch it here after you’ve read Yowp. And somewhere in there, you should find time to enjoy Steve Stanchfield’s 2014 piece on the short.

Scrappy holidays to you!

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  • I watched Holiday Land over the holidays (2016) and really liked it. Just LOVE this site! For Christmas I got the “Complete Adventures of Cubby Bear” on Blu-Ray and like Scrappy they are similar in look and feel to Micky Mouse but I really dig the Art Deco look of all of these toons. I’m waiting for the definitive Scrappy Blu-Ray to come out. The 1930’s was to me the best era in animation.

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