The Somewhat Less Incompleat Scrappy Sayings

Back in 2013, I rounded up 18 examples of Scrappy Sayings, a single-panel comic feature run by small newspapers beginning in 1935. I said that it looked “a little like Love Is, if Love Is starred a fully-dressed Scrappy and Margy, used terrible jokes which made no sense in a feature about small children, and took place during the depression. And was drawn by someone who didn’t know how to draw Scrappy.”

Scrappyologist Jason Fiore has scoured the archives of Michigan’s Grosse Pointe Review newspaper, where I found the panels I posted, and uncovered 11 more examples. As with the others, Jason’s discoveries feature painful wordplay, a usually-off model Scrappy–is he an Orthodox Jew in that first one?–and an odd emphasis on themes such as courtship and dentistry.

Thanks for sharing these, Jason.

Scrappy Sayings comics

Inspired by Jason’s research, I dug around myself and found 14 additional examples of Scrappy Sayings in 1935 and 1936 issues of the Post-Democrat of Muncie, Indiana.

Scrappy's Sayings

That last one is the only Scrappy’s Sayings I’ve seen with an appearance by Oopy (or a rough approximation thereof), albeit in diapers and under the name Toots.

I’m still not sure who drew or was otherwise responsible for Scrappy Sayings. I did find yet another example in Eisner-Iger’s Wow What a Magazine, which might be a hint that Jerry Iger had something to do with it. Or maybe not.

Along with Scrappy’s Sayings, the Post-Democrat ran another comic feature from the Columbia Feature Service, a Believe It or Not-esque panel called Unusual Facts Revealed. I briefly took that as evidence that the Columbia Feature Service wasn’t owned by Columbia Pictures–until I noticed that the unusual facts happened to involve Columbia movies and stars.

Unusual Facts Revealed

A final note, at least for now: The most entertaining thing in the Post-Democrat isn’t a comic feature. Instead, it’s the headlines–which seem to have been crafted by someone who was having a lot more fun than the person or persons responsible for Scrappy Sayings.

Post-Democrat headlinePost-Democrat headline

Post-Democrat headline

Post-Democrat headline

Post-Democrat headline

Post-Democrat headline

3 comments on The Somewhat Less Incompleat Scrappy Sayings

  • As usual, awkward suits Scrappy pretty well. What’s up with his tongue on those drawings ? It’s enormous, there’s no space left to put anything else inside his mouth

  • theorbys

    Yes those Post Democrat headlines do go a long way to vindicating the the wit and wisdom of the Scrappy Sayings material. And whatever else they are those drawings do have one very elegant saving grace: Scrappy’s streamlined hair.

    Hats all the way off to Jason Fiore, who I understand is 12, for getting so deeply into the old time Scrappy Spirit. Superstar or not, Scrappy was a great little character, living in the by ways of cartoondom. I am glad Jason is contributing to keeping Scrappyana and lore alive and well.

  • I’m reminded of a memorable Wonder Wart-Hog story by Gilbert Shelton where, after the usual violence, the Hog of Steel decides it’s all the fault of the press and sends an ultimatum to the Fourth Estate:

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