Scrappy for Sale

I may be the proprietor of the National Scrappy Gallery, but I’m not the only serious Scrappy collector out there. I’ve known that for a long time, if only because I’ve occasionally been outbid at online auctions by one or more competitors with seemingly limitless budgets for Scrappyana.

I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen someone else’s extensive Scrappy collection though. Until just recently, that is, when Doug Nichols sent me photos of his.

Doug currently lives in the Bay Area–which, since it’s also my home, may well be the epicenter of Scrappy collecting in the U.S. But he’s getting ready to move to Portland, and has decided to downsize.

I can’t imagine living a Scrappy-less life myself, but Doug’s loss may be someone else’s gain. He’s selling his all his Scrappy goodies, and hopes to do so in one fabulous lot: “Any reasonable offer accepted!  Likely any unreasonable offer!  They need a new home.”

What’s up for sale includes nearly everything in these photos:

As you can see, the Nichols Collection includes the Scrappy pull toy (in variants both with and without Margy), two Scrappy dolls (one in a possibly homemade knit outfit), Scrappy Christmas lights, the wonderfully-boxed Scrappy modeling clay, Scrappy home movies, multiple copies of the Scrappy Big Little Book, several Scrappy banks, and more. Having spent close to 20 years assembling my own Scrappy collection, I know how tough it is to find some of this stuff. Like Doug, I hope there’s someone out there who wants all of it (except for a couple of items which I didn’t have and Doug was nice enough to offer to me).

If you covet these prize examples of the Scrappy Franchise Department‘s work, drop Doug a line. As with Patek Philippe watches, you never actually own Scrappy collectibles–you merely take care of them for future generations. But it would be nice to find someone to safeguard these ones for Scrappy fans yet unborn.

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