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Scrappy card

Even if Scrappy didn’t have a following to compare with that of, oh, Mickey Mouse, it stands to reason that he must have had some fans. Mary Harkness seems to have been one of them; our guess is that she wrote a fan letter to Scrappy and received this card in return. Lucky her…

Below are two spectacular ads from the 1933 Columbia Yearbook. And, in the case of the first one, spectacularly strange: That’s Scrappy leading the parade, with Mickey Mouse (once distributed by Columbia) ambling along in the middle of the pack, apparently content to be a second stringer. Ahead of Mickey is what appears to be a topless African lady. (Note: We swiped these images from an eBay auction–if you own the book with these ads, we’re both apologetic and envious.)

Columbia yearbook

Columbia yearbook

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