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Scrappy pins

For some reason lost to history (or at least to us), Scrappy made a number of appearances on products related to personal finance. Here he is on two very similar pins, promoting his personal Thrift Club and urging his friends to Insure! If there’s any 1930s cartoon character whose advice on insurance we’d take seriously, it would be Scrappy. Probably.

If your mother was handy with a needle and thread, and had some time on her hand, you might have been able to cajole her into sewing you up a stuffed “Scrappy Boy” or Yippy–or “Tibby,” a cat who looks suspiciously like the Columbia version of Krazy Kat. Below, you’ll find the instruction sheet from patterns for all three. (We have the Scrappy pattern in our archives; anyone out there want to sew us a doll?)

Scrappy pattern

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