Scrappy in Hollywood

Scrappy in Hollywood

April 30th, 2005 was by almost any rational measure the most important day in Scrappy history in the past 65 years or so. A throng–a smallish one, but a throng nonetheless–of Scrappy admirers turned out at the American Film Institute in Hollywood to honor Scrappy and Dick Huemer. Scrappyland the event was organized by Jerry Beck, sponsored by ASIFA-Hollywood, and named after this site.

Thanks to Columbia’s Mike Schlesinger, the screening included restored prints (mostly remarkably good ones) of important Scrappy films, including a couple that had not seen public exhibition in more than seventy years. (One of those was the lost masterpiece The Beer Parade, which involves Scrappy and Oopy getting woodland dwarfs drunk, and ends with a climactic battle with Old Man Prohibition. We always assumed that Scrappy’s The Flop House was the ultimate 1930s cartoon, but now we’re not so sure.)

Also part of the event was a panel discussion, in which Jerry posed questions to your obedient servant and to Dr. Richard Huemer, son of Scrappy creator Dick Huemer. And there was a small exhibit of Scrappy memorabilia, with items drawn mostly (but not exclusively) from the Scrappyland collection.

Herewith, a few photos from the bash:

Jerry Beck and Richard Huemer

Jerry Beck interviews Dr. Richard Huemer, who also gave a delightful talk about his father.

Dr. Richard Huemer

Dr. Huemer.

Scrappy film toy

This site’s proprietor, showing off a color-it-yourself Scrappy movie strip from his collection–perhaps a bit too proudly.

Scrappy exhibit

The exhibit included an array of Scrappyana, from lamps (two of them, both functioning) to toys to vintage art and photos. Attendees were spellbound. Or at least polite about it all.

Scrappy fans

The impressive crowd of Scrappy devotees included (from left) ASIFA’s Larry Loc, Inkwell Images’ Ray Pointer, Raven Loc (brilliantly dressed as a monochromatic Margy), animator and historian Milt Gray, and writer David Gerstein.

Richard Huemer and Mark Kausler

Animator and collector Mark Kausler–who used to watch and discuss Scrappy cartoons with Dick Huemer himself–chats with Dr. Huemer.

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  • Art Binninger

    Hi Harry,
    My God! The Scrappyfest was nearly 10 years ago already? Although I made a VHS copy of Dr. Huemer’s appearance for someone (I think Jerry Beck) afterward, I still have the Hi8 original. Do you think there’s any interest in my posting it on YouTube? I need to have more memory added to my iMac but can put it up in the near future. Let me know what you think about this.

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