Whatever Happened to Freckles?

Scrappy Painting Book

Scrappy Painting Book No. 52 was published by the wonderfully-named Rosebud Art Co. in 1937 (and seen in an Edith Fellows publicity photo). It contains a variety of Scrappy-related drawings — and one surprise.

That surprise is three appearances by Scrappy’s friend Freckles.

Scrappy’s friend Freckles? Yep. I’m not sure whether he ever appeared in a cartoon, but I’m positive I’ve never seen him show up in Scrappy merchandise before. Some of the drawings in the Painting Book are stock shots that were also used elsewhere; others are based on specific cartoons. These ones with Freckles are simply unknown to me.

He seems like a nice kid, and reminds me of Froggy Laughlin, who hadn’t yet shown up as part of Our Gang when this book was published.

Freckles and Scrappy


Freckles and Scrappy

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