Scrappy Mystery Art

Scrappy Goes Fishing
This may be the nicest Scrappy item I possess. It’s certainly the most tantalizing one. It’s by Dick Huemer itself, and seems to be an illustration for a story titled “Scrappy Goes Fishing.” Which was published–actually, I have no idea where it was published. Or even if it was published.

It looks a bit like what you’d might get if Scrappy starred in a short piece of fiction in The Saturday Evening Post, doesn’t it? Scrappy is very much himself, and his pose is a variation on a stock drawing you can see here. But the elderly gent is a wonderful example of Dick Huemer’s wonderful penwork. If Dick had never worked in animation, he might have become a noted magazine illustrator, I think.

The possibility that “Scrappy Goes Fishing” is out there somewhere where I’ve failed to look so far– possibly with additional Huemer drawings beyond this one — leaves me both giddy and frustrated. You don’t happen to know anything about it, do you?

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  • Jason Fiore

    I have found a similar picture in the big little book, though the man isn’t in it and yippy is also holding a fish. It’s on page 197 with scrappy saying “Look at the fish we caught”.

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