Yet Another Kid Who Loved Scrappy

Edith Fellows and Jack Moran

If you were a Columbia child star in the 1930s, you were also a part-time shill for Scrappy merchandise. It was true of Cora Sue Collins as well as Edith Fellows and Dickie Walters. And the above photo shows it was also the case with Jackie Moran.

That’s him on the right with Edith, fooling around with Scrappy handkerchiefs. This publicity photo was apparently released in April 1936, in conjunction with a Columbia film in which they both appeared, And So They Were Married. (It’s going to be on TCM in December.)

And So They Were Married was Jackie’s first movie. He also had a small role in Gone With the Wind, and played Huck Finn to Tommy Kelly’s Tom Sawyer. And IMdB says he eventually worked with with exploitation-movie master Russ (Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!) Meyer, although Wikipedia says that may (or may not) have been a different John Moran.

Moran — the one who posed with Scrappy hankies — died in 1990. Edith Fellows passed away just last year. Dickie Walters, I’m not sure about. And Cora Sue Collins, I’m pleased to report, is still with us. I wonder if she has memories — fond or otherwise — of her time as a Scrappy spokesmodel?

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