Mutual Endorsement

As you know if you’re a Scrappyland regular, the Hollywood newspaper Film Daily covered Scrappy merchandise with admirable thoroughness. But here’s a discovery, recently made by Friend of Scrappy Andrew Leal: Scrappy endorsed the paper, in the following comic strip published on November 15, 1934. (Click it for a larger version.)

Scrappy in the Film Daily

As is often the case with Scrappy art, this seems to have been drawn by a non-Mintz artist — I use the word loosely — relying on swipes from stock poses.

On the same page — this may or may not be a weird coincidence — the Daily ran a short news item on the debut of Scrappy briefcases and schoolbags, predicting their success. (I take it that the “Columbia Pictures” byline may mean that the story was submitted by the studio.)

Film Daily

Come to think of it, it’s no surprise that Scrappy liked to read this publication: Who wouldn’t want to read a publication in which one’s name popped up so regularly?

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