Shorty Splashes

Let’s continue our exploration of the bizarre world of Shorty Shortcake — the Wonder and Wonderworld comics character who is very nearly Scrappy, but not quite so. Starting with Wonderworld #5, each Shorty story started with a splash panel — often an elaborate one. Taken as a group, they summarize the storyline, which started being distinctly un-Mintzlike and grew only more so in subsequent issues. They also show that Jerry Williams, the feature’s cartoonist, utterly changed his style every few issues. Gifted man.

Here are all the Shorty splashes I’ve found. They’re from Wonderworld #5-#20, and a few are missing.

Wonderworld 5

Wonderworld 8

Wonderworld 9

Wonderworld 10

Wonderworld 11

Wonderworld 12

Wonderworld 13

Wonderworld 14

Wonderworld 16

Wonderworld 17

Wonderworld 18

Wonderworld 19

Wonderworld 20

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