The Long-Lost Scrappyland Video

Slightly over a decade ago, Jerry Beck hosted an ASIFA-Hollywood screening of Scrappy cartoons named after this website. It featured amazingly good prints provided by Columbia; a small exhibit of Scrappyana; and a panel discussion about Scrappy between Jerry, myself, and Dr. Richard Huemer, the son of Scrappy’s creator.

We’ve long had a page of photos from this event. But Friend of Scrappy Art Binninger attended the event and recorded it using his video camera. And he recently digitized his tape and put it on YouTube. It’s basically the whole event except for the Scrappy cartoons themselves, and it was a joy to see it again after all these years.

Herewith, a few screengrabs from Art’s video.

Dr. Huemer and I talk Scrappy…


Scrappy stuff…


Jerry presents an award to Raven Loc, winner of the costume contest (she came as a brilliantly monochromatic Margy)…


Many thanks to Art for all the memories–and for making this available to folks who weren’t lucky enough to be there. It was the best Scrappy retrospective I’ve ever attended. O.K., it was also the only one–but I hope that won’t be true forever.

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