Scrappy Got Milk

When I think of Scrappy, one beverage quickly comes to mind: beer. But in 1935, he heartily endorsed a different drink which, I suppose I must concede, was a more appropriate refreshment for a small child to enthuse over. That would be milk.

The indispensable Yowp turned me onto this item, which I reprint from its appearance in the December 19, 1935 issue of the East Hampton (N.Y.) Star:


In retrospect, it’s not surprising to see Scrappy promoting milk, because…well, Columbia was not fussy. If it saw an opportunity to attract attention to Scrappy, it took it. (Another example: his work as a tourism ambassador for Bermuda.)

I like this drawing. I like the very notion that an animated character’s stance on milk would carry weight, and that the fact he’s smiling is evidence that he likes the stuff. And I like that the person who wrote the caption doesn’t appear to know Yippy’s name, but doesn’t want to admit that.

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  • Robert Herring

    Ten + years ago I purchased one of three small drawings water colors of a mouse in the bathtub and a mouse with a bath brush in his hand at a second hand store. The writing on it said staying married is scrubbing her back. Signed by Cora Sue. Would this be the same Cora Sue Collins in this posting?. I only had a few bucks but purchased this one of three for my wife for our anniversary present. We were broke but she loved it, still does. I always scrubbed her back and that little piece of art scored me some points with her. It came framed too. Thanks

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