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Unaccountably, Scrappy literature remains rather sparse. But it’s not (quite) nonexistent. We’ve rounded up a few pieces, including ones written especially for Scrappyland visitors as well as some articles from years past.

Plug: Animation Art, edited by Jerry Beck, includes a few paragraphs on Scrappy written by the proprietor of this Web site. Also, both Michael Barrier’s Hollywood Cartoons and Leonard Maltin’s Of Mice and Magic sensibly devote some space to discussion of the series.

If you know of any other scholarship that should appear on this site, please drop us a note. And see our Links section for pointers to other Scrappy information on the Internet.

Scrappy in Hollywood
A report from 2005’s gala celebration of all things Scrappy.

Scrappy’s Important Message to America’s Camp Directors
Were children of 1935 getting enough Scrappy?

Scrappy and His Amazing Puppet Theatre
Farina presents a spectacular giveaway.

An Incomplete Collection of Scrappy Posters
How theaters promoted Scrappy.

Meet the Mintz Staff
Photos of the team behind the rapscallion.

Scrappy Starts a Magazine
In 1935, Scrappy became an editor and publisher.

Why Scrappy Matters
2005, written for this site by Harry McCracken.

Paul Etcheverry and Will Friedwald’s Scrappy
1981, from Animania–still a must-read.

The Lost Boy: Rediscovering Scrappy
1996, written for Animato by Harry McCracken.

The Great Cora Sue Collins Mystery
2005, written for this site by Harry McCracken.

More Kid Stars and Scrappy
Cora Sue and friends return.

The Scrappy FAQ
An ongoing attempt to answer the most pressing questions about Scrappy and related matters.

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